PVC fiber-reinforced hoses. (Garden hose, mining hose)

PVC fiber-reinforced hoses. (Garden hose, mining hose)

  • New blowing system and accurate pressure control
    the internal blowing system is including a digital micro-pressure control system. Meanwhile, the outside sizing way or the requirement for air pre-filling could be achieved by this system.
  • Master adjuster for speed
    the speeds for extruders, haul-offs and a yarn braider can be synchronized by a Master adjuster
  • On-line hose sealing system
    the advantage of this system is to seal the hose-end in pre-set length and prevent air leaking and human mistakes
  • New joint for the CROSS HEAD
    one “L” shape of joint connecting with the extruder will change the traditional lay-out and save much floor space. The inside of joint is coated with a special lubricating layer. PVC material will not remain and burn down.

Technical data

Type   TS-866A TS-866B
Max. Hose size mmØ 25 50
Max. Line speed M/min 20 20
PVC fiber-reinforced hoses. (Garden hose, mining hose)
5-layer garden hose extrusion